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Seven appealing factors of Ichijo

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Ichijo is a long-established Japanese style hotel that was founded 600 years ago in 1428.
In 2003, our current owner succeeded the throne and became our 20th owner. Before the 20th owner, the main building and the annex had different purposes (main building: hot spring cure annex: tourists), but we were getting less and less hot spring cure travelers every year. Thus, we changed the main building into a stylish private restaurant.

We installed amenities based on customers’ demands, and improved what we could improve based on customer surveys. By the time we had a reputation as a popular hotel, we renovated our annex in July, 2008.

We focused on improving our intangible assets, and kept on remembering what it was like when we first started renovating the hotel five years ago. Ever since then, we have been serving customers with great hospitality because our customers spend their precious money and time to relax here at Yunushi Ichijo.


At our private restaurant, our Okami does not distract you at all.
Okami serves you only when you arrive in the lobby and when you leave the hotel.
Some customers don’t notice who our Okami is.

We believe that is a style that customers in today’s world are looking for in hotels.
We wish your journey will be a unforgettable memory in your life. Sincerely…

1. Every one of our customer is a protagonist of a movie.

Our concept is traveling back in time. Our theme is the woods.

Please enjoy your stay here at Yunushi Ichijo by drawing your own plot.

Welcome to the woods of Ichijo…
In the woods of Ichijo, we have a basic story line for each customer…

When you go up the steep road in the hot spring village, the “Woods of Ichijo” suddenly appear in front of you.
You are a protagonist of a movie who stepped inside the woods of Ichijo.
You will encounter many things and experience many things.
Walk around in the woods, and you will find an open-air bath where you can feel the breathe of the woods. Wander around a little more in the woods, and you will find our medicated bath that heals your injury.
For your meal, walk across the bridge and take a trip back to the Taisho period!

The “Cuisine of the woods” decorates up each room at our private restaurant.
Feel the kindness of the people in the woods of Ichijo as if you are back in Tohoku in the Taisho period, and experience many enriching things.
By the time you leave the hotel, you will feel like you’ve just finished watching a movie.

Please experience the HATAGO culture of Tohoku at Yunushi Ichijo.

Woods of Ichijo
open-air bath
Private Restaurant Shouan

2. Brand new accommodations that can be chosen based on your budget

One of the characteristics of Ichijo is that you can choose your room from eight different room types.
The concept of our renovation was eco-luxury.
The main building of Ichijo itself is eco-friendly. It was built with wood materials that were collected from the woods around the hotel and not a single nail by shrine builders.
We focused on making every room eco-friendly, but we took in some luxury as well.

The air around here is very clean.
If you listen carefully in an open-air bath, you can hear the sound of the river flowing nearby.

Enjoy drinking morning coffee with the birds whistling in the background.
Which room would you like to spend your luxurious time in?

We have two types of suite rooms; “Ichijo Suite” with an open-air bath and 100m2 of area, and “Yunushi Suite” with a half open-air bath and 73m2 of area.

Both rooms are what our president and Okami had always wanted to create.
“Semi-Suite Western Style Room” is a very stylish room.
“Semi-Suite Japanese / Western Style Room” can hold up to 3 persons.

“Modern Japanese / Western Style Room” is filled with carefully-selected lightings and beddings wrapped in the sweet scent of woods.
Queen-size beds are very popular among our customers as well.

“Japanese style room with two rooms inside” are very spacious and can hold up to 6 persons, which makes it ideal for families and groups.

“Japanese / Western Style Room” can hold up to 4 persons, and what used to be called a “Special Room” in the Showa period is located closest to our private restaurant and medicated bath.

“Japanese Style Room” is located upon our stone walls, which were built back in the Edo period, and you can get a nice view of our main building from the windows.
There are two floors in the building, and you can get an amazing view of our garden and main building from the first floor.

This is a place that used to be known as a back palace of Kamasaki.

The cuisines served for Semi-suite and Suite guests are both suite standard.
The cuisines served for other guests are standard cuisines.

Ichijo Suite Room
Yunushi Suite Room
Modern Japanease/Western Style Room

3. A variety of delicious dishes served as the “Cuisine of the Woods”

Back in 1429, a farmer found a spring source while he was working on his farm. The spring source that runs through Ichijo has its origin in this story.

It has been recorded that Masamune Date used to visit here to bathe in his victory days.
In our warehouse, we have an old document stating that as well.

Kamasaki Onsen has been beloved by many people in Tohoku for its healing power. Many people have visited here to heal their exhausted body and injuries.

At the bottom of Yu Shrine located within our confines, we used to have a number of casts, but unfortunately we removed them since we were told by local carpenters to preserve the shrine.

Our open-air bath draws its hot spring from the spring source located in a cave that was dug by one man approximately 100 years ago.
It is often referred to as an “Onsen of beautiful skin” as it makes your skin beautiful.
If you are lucky, you can spot a wild Japanese serow.

Medicated Bath
Open-air bath

4. A variety of delicious dishes served as the “Cuisine of the Woods”

We have been receiving very positive feedbacks on our cuisines, cooked by our master chef, Mr. Sato, who is one of the best chefs in all of Miyagi Prefecture.
We have had many customers tell us that we serve the best cuisine in all of Tohoku on our customer surveys.

Mr. Sato used to work at a traditioinal Japanese restaurant, therefore, he does not compromise to focus on tiny aspects of cooking.

Mr. Sato and our Okami cooperate to discuss the cuisine contents, dishes, and the way we serve them.

We purchase Miyagino Pork Marble Jiyoton, grown in Shiroishi City, before the manufacture freezes them to achieve the sweet flavor and the soft texture.


5. A variety of relaxing experiences that were carefully selected by Okami

Our esthetic services include, lean body treatment, facial massage, and oil massage.

“Massage / Foot massage”

Available for male guests as well. Please experience our high-quality esthetic treatments.


6. Please feel the history of Ichijo.

The Ichijo family has reached its 20th generation.
Our ancestors were originally from Kyoto serving Yoshimoto Imagawa, but they moved to this area after losing the battle of Okehazama, threw away their swords and arrows, and built an inn here.

Ever since then, the hotel owner named himself Ippei Ichijo, and the eldest son had succeeded the throne.
We are an authentic Japanese hotel with an old family tree preserved as a scroll roll.

In our main building, you can almost hear the footsteps of travelers that visited us in the past.

Yu Shrine is located within our confines and has been watching over us ever since the spring source was founded.
Our warehouse is filled with antique goods, old documents, and hanging scrolls.
Both the main building and the annex are decorated with historically important art pieces, Sendai tansu (chest), and we have been receiving very positive feedbacks on them as well.


7. Popular private restaurant

Our popular private restaurant is located in our main building and was built sometime between the Taisho and the Showa period.

Chairs and a table on tatami mats, mud walls and sliding doors, high ceilings and handmade windows, and floorings that glow black. It makes you feel like you’re traveling back in time.

At night, we play soft jazz music, which creates a special mood for your dinner.

It is a private restaurant just for you.
You can experience both old and new things all at once.

Private Restaurant Shouan
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