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Do you accept day trip visitors for Onsen?

We are terribly sorry, but we do not accept day trip visitors to our Onsen.

Although there are some websites on the Internet where you will find our day trip Onsen service, we stopped providing this service ever since 2007.
We have been asking the website owners to delete the information, however, we have not heard back from them.

Is there a parking lot at the hotel?

We have a private parking lot to the right of the entrance of Kamasaki Onsen.
We do not have a parking lot in front of the hotel. Please park your car at the designated lot.
Once you park your car, please give us a call at 0224-26-2151. We will send our pickup bus right away.

Can we bring our pet?

We are terribly sorry, but we do not accept pets inside our building.

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