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By Car

<From Sendai Area>

From Sendai Area

<From Tokyo Area>

From Tokyo Area

<From Fukushima Area>

From Fukushima Area

<From Yamagata Area>

From Yamagata Area

Access from Shiroishi IC

  • Get off at Shiroishi IC, drive in the direction of Shiroishi, and turn left at the fifth traffic light. Turn right at the T-junction and go straight.
  • Drive past the information board of “Kamasaki Onsen”, turn left, and you will see a parking lot dedicated to our customers to your right.
  • ・Please park your car and give us a call. We will come pick you up right away. (Yunushi Ichijo is located deep in the hot spring village after a long steep hill.)

If you take a turn right at the second and fourth traffic lights as the navigation board suggests, you will end up driving one a very narrow road.

By JR (Tohoku Shinkansen Line or Tohoku Honsen Line)

<Tohoku Shinkansen Line>

Tohoku Shinkansen Line

<Tohoku Honsen Line>

Tohoku Honsen Line
  • he nearest stations:Shiroishi Zao Station (Tohoku Shinkansen Line) / Shiroishi Station (JR Tohoku Honsen Line)
  • Please make a reservation one day in advance for our pickup service that depart from Shiroishi Zao Station at 3:10PM and from Shiroishi Station at 3:00PM.

Yamabiko Shinkansen Line 139 from Tokyo
Yamabiko Shinkansen Line 144 from Sendai
Local Line: Departs from Sendai Station at 2:03PM / Arrives at Shiroishi Station at 2:52PM

This is a temporary measure taken to adjust to the train schedule.

For customers arriving at Shiroishi Station on weekdays, Shiroishi City Bus Castle-Kun is available (One-way ticket: ¥200).
Please check the train schedule below for we have a very little number of city busses. Customers get off at “Kamasaki Onsen”.

  • For the way back, our private bus will drive you to both stations along with other customers. The bus leaves at 11:00AM.

Time required

  • For customers from Kanto Area: Approximately 2 hours on Tohoku Shinkansen from Tokyo Station
  • For customers from Sendai: Approximately 16 minutes on Tohoku Shinkansen from Sendai Station / Approximately 50 minutes on Tohoku Honsen Line from Sendai Station
  • For customers from Fukushima: Approximately 16 minutes on Tohoku Shinkansen from Fukushima Station / Approximtely 50 minutes on Tohoku Honsen Line from Fukushima Station

By Airplane

<From Sendai Airport>

From Sendai Airport


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