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Yunushi Ichijoh is a long-established hot spring inn located in Shiroishi City, Miyagi Prefecture, in the Tohoku region of Japan.

  • Yunushi Ichijoh
  • Yunushi Ichijoh
  • Yunushi Ichijoh
  • Yunushi Ichijoh
  • Yunushi Ichijoh
  • Yunushi Ichijoh

The name “Kamasaki Onsen” comes from the story of a hot spring that gushed out when a lumberjack from Shiroishi struck a stone with the tip of his sickle about 600 years ago. (Kama translates as sickle and saki translates as tip)


It has long been said, “Kamasaki for wounds”, and many from all over the country have visited to treat their wounds and injuries.

There are many fascinating features within the facility to experience the good old days of Japan, from the shiny black hallways to the hanging scrolls and the Sendai chests.

The concept of Yunushi Ichijoh is time travel. The theme is a forest.


As you pass through the charming hot spring town of Kamasaki and ascend the hill, “Ichijoh-no-Mori” appears before you.


You are the protagonist of a movie who has wandered into the forest of Ichijoh. Experience all kinds of things here!


As you walk to your room, the hot spring, or the restaurant, you will feel like you are in a forest.


Fresh and unique experiences awaits you!


The main building, a four-story wooden structure built in the Taisho era (1912-1926), was constructed by carpenters using wood from the Ichijoh forest without using a single nail.


It has been designated as a Tangible Cultural Property of Japan and is the symbol of Yunushi Ichijoh. The building is lit up at night to create a magical atmosphere.


Almost like something straight out of a Japanese movie.


This main building is used as a private dining restaurant, “Sho-an”, where evening and morning meals are served.


This main building can be reached by crossing the “Toki-no-Hashi”, translates as “Bridge of Time”. You will feel like you have traveled through time to the Taisho era, adding to your dining pleasure.


The restaurant offers a special set dinner course called the “Mori-no-Bansan”, popular not only with Japanese guests but also among guests from all over the world.


The head chef has been awarded the title, “Miyagi Master Artisan” for his outstanding skills, offering set course meals using seasonal ingredients to experience the changing seasons in Japan.


A feast for all your senses with the delicate Japanese flavors and vibrant colors.


Choose your room according to your preferences.


Some rooms have comfortable Simmons beds, while others have futons laid out on tatami mats, a style unique to Japan.


We have also prepared tatami rooms with beds so that you can experience Japanese culture to the fullest without any difficulties.

There are two types of hot springs.

The gentle “Yaku-to”, and the “Dokutsu-no-yu” that will leave your skin feeling smooth after bathing.


The Yaku-to is an indoor bath with separate sections for men and women.

It has long been known as “Kamasaki for wounds” and said to be effective for wounds, burns, after general surgery, gynecological conditions, rheumatism, etc., and to cleanse the skin.

The source of the Yaku-to hot spring is the same source that gave rise to the name Kamasaki Onsen.

The Dokutsu-no-yu hot spring is drawn to the large bathhouse with an open-air bathing area.


Enjoy the seasonal changes of fresh greenery, autumn leaves, and snow while soaking in the hot spring. Exceptionally beautiful at night when it is lit up.


You may even be able to spot a wild Japanese serow, a natural treasure, in the forest.

For those who are not comfortable sharing an onsen hot spring with others, we recommend the Ichijoh Suite, the Yunushi Suite, or the Family Bath.


The private baths, fed by the water of the Dokutsu-no-yu hot spring, are available for you to use during your stay.

We also offer a wide range of other activities to complement your stay, from forest walks and cycling to beauty treatments and massages.


We have staff members who can communicate in various languages so please feel free to contact us.

The title, “Hatago” is given to inns that have been in operation for more than 500 years.

The historic Yunushi Ichijoh has been frequented by many visitors, and the footsteps of its predecessors can almost be heard.


We invite you to experience the beauty of ancient Japan and the comfort of modern times at Yunushi Ichijoh.


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