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Dinner “Cuisine of the Woods”

We have received 3 Red Pavilions (3-Star +) in “Michelin Guide Miyagi 2017”.

20th Owner Ippei Ichijo

Private Restaurant Shouan
This special atmosphere is often referred to as a “corridor of beauty” by some customers.
We provide something special in a special atmosphere. That is what Yunushi Ichijo’s hospitality is.
Serving delicious dishes is quite easy if you have a good chef, however, we focus on other things as well.
Delicious dishes are delicious only when there is a certain atmosphere around them.

A special moment with your special person with a special cuisine, that is what I believe to be a perfect meal.
Our “Cuisine of the Woods” is the answer.

We are lucky enough have received very good reviews by JTB and Jaran net.
We are receiving great feedbacks especially on our cuisines.
So, what exactly is it about our cuisines that attract so many customers?
Let us now tell you about it.

Private Restaurant Shouan

Triplets of beauty: dinner that decorates your time

Private Restaurant "Shouan" is located in our corridor of beauty.
We serve a delicious cuisine called the “cuisine of the woods” along with our delicious sake.
This amazing combination of delicious dishes and excellent sake is the reason why we have so many customers visit us every year and give us very good feedbacks.
You will know immediately why once you have our cuisine. This atmosphere makes you speechless and forget your busy daily life, and lets you spend your time luxuriously with your important ones.

Private Restaurant

Masters in Miyagi

Master Chef Hideo Sato (60)
Received an award at the 2018 “Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Award”.
Received a noble title as a “Masters in Miyagi” Skillful Technician from Miyagi Prefecture in 2017.
Received an award at the 2017 “ZENGIREN Meister”.
There is no such word as “compromise” in his dictionary as a chef.
Our “cuisine of the woods” is like a portrait of what Mr. Sato has always felt towards cooking.
Based on his motto, “food must be beautiful!”, we have been receiving high reputations from our repeat customers.
Our cuisines not only look beautiful but also create an amazing harmony of flavors in your mouth. Moreover, they represent our motto as Yunushi Ichijo.

Also, the “Cuisine of the Woods” deliver excellent tastes of seasonal ingredients.
You will love our quality cuisine cooked with carefully selected seasonal ingredients.
You have a choice of either meat or seafood for your main dish.
We will ask you which one you want once we start serving other dishes.

Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Award
Masters in Miyagi

What makes a perfect dinner is the cuisine and…

Yunushi Ichijo's concept of a perfect dinner is time.
I believe that a perfect dinner is only perfect when you have it with your important one in a luxurious atmosphere that is unreal.
It is our responsibility to provide our customers with a special atmosphere, and that’s what we focus on the most.

What decorates up a special dinner is beautiful sake and wine that provides our customers with an even deeper experience.
This is a perfect way to start a perfect night.
Our “Cuisine of the Woods” includes a variety of luxurious dishes.
Traditionally, Japanese traditional dinner would be served with Japanese sake, but our cuisine goes very well with wine as well.

Japanese sake and white wine have a lot in common.
Japanese food actually goes very well with wine.

Whether it be your important anniversary, special holiday, good times with your friends, a good wine always brightens up the atmosphere.
The reason why champagne goes well on a Christmas night is because the bubbles of champagne creates a beautiful aroma that makes everyone excited.
Please enjoy spending your time here at Yunushi Ichijo with a good wine.

What makes a perfect dinner is the cuisine and…

Enjoy your special time

Private Restaurant Shouan, cuisine of the woods, and delicious sake, we provide the best atmosphere with these triplets to serve the best dinner.
We are always looking forward to serving you here at Yunushi Ichijo.

We have a variety of accommodation plans for you to fully enjoy our cuisines.
Please choose a plan that best suits you.
We will serve you with great hospitality to make your holiday unforgettable.

Cuisine of the Woods.
A special way to enjoy your special day.

Enjoy your special time

20th Owner Ippei Ichijo


For over 600 years, many travelers have visited us for our medicated bath in the past and heard the sound of time.
We are Yunushi Ichijo, Tokine-no-Yado.
Our hotel exists for people to spend their precious time with their important ones and forget about their busy daily lives.
That’s why we serve a special cuisine called the “Cuisine of the Woods” to provide you with the best dining experience.

*If you are allergic to certain ingredients, please let us know. We will prepare a different menu for you.

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