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Private Restaurant “Shouan”

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Private Restaurant “Shouan”

Private Restaurant “Shouan”

Walk across the bridge of time, and you will find our private restaurant “Shouan”.

It is a special atmosphere where we hope to deliver the best service with the best hospitality to each and every one of our customer regardless of the common concept of how how hotels should be.
The dimmed lights decorate up the corridor with jazz music playing in the background.

Once you’ve traveled back in the Taisho period, you see a number of private rooms lined up waiting for you to come in.
You can enjoy having our “Cuisine of the Woods” luxuriously in our private restaurant.

Our cuisines are cooked by our master chef with fresh, seasonal ingredients from all over Japan.
Please enjoy our thought-out cuisine that delivers our hospitality.



We serve dishes to our customers in a private room at our restaurant.

Please walk across the “Bridge of Time” for both dinner and breakfast. We will serve delicious cuisines at our private restaurant “Shouan” located in our main four-story wooden building, which was designated as a registered tangible cultural property of Japan.

The rooms at Shouan have a maximum capacity of six persons each. If you are a group of more than seven persons, we will prepare a different private room in our annex depending on the size of your group.
From our private rooms, you can have a beautiful view of our main building.

We will ask you what time you would like to have dinner served upon your arrival.
(The last serving of dinner starts at 7PM.)

You have either meat or seasonal seafood to choose for your main dish.
We will ask you which ingredient you prefer once we start serving other dishes. Please read the menu and choose your ingredient.

For breakfast, you can choose either Japanese style breakfast or Western style breakfast.

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