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Special moments at Ichijo

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Special moments at Ichijo


Arrive in Shiroishi City - Lunch Time

Have some delicious lunch.
You can go eat Umen at the factory restaurant or enjoy some Western dishes.
There are some very good Ramen restaurants in this city.



walk around the coty of Shiroishi

There are many canals in Shiroishi City mainly around Shiroishi Castle.
If you walk alongside the canals, you will encounter old Samurai Housings and a Sake brewery (Zao Brewery). At the brewery’s exclusive shop, there is also a little museum inside.
We recommend you to visit and learn a little about the history around here.

Samurai residence
Zao brewery

In Shiroishi City, there is a family temple of the Katakura Family called Joeizan Kessanji. The first lord Kagetsuna and his descendants and family members are resting in peace here.

Katakura Family called Joeizan Kessanji

Sennenji Temple, a temple that preserves a Japanese brocade that portarys a battle scene of the Miyagino / Shinobu sisters in a famous Kabuki story called “Gotaiheiki Shiroishibanashi”, is located on a street in front of conventional line Shiroishi Station. The chief priest and the deputy chief priest are very talkative and friendly.

On the station street, there are many stores that sell Shiroishi Japanese paper, Kokeshi dolls, fishcake, Japanese bun, Haginotsuki (popular souvenir of Miyagi).

Once you walk around the city of Shiroishi, it’s time to go to Kamasaki Onsen.



Arrive at Kamasaki Onsen

Drive on prefectural route 254 for approximately 15 minutes from Shiroishi City, you will arrive at Kamasaki Onsen. Once you get there, you will see our private parking lot to your right.
Give us a phone call, and we will send you our pickup bus right away. (Although you can walk to our hotel, the last slope is very steep. 4 to 5 minutes on foot)


Arrive at the entrance of the “Woods of Ichijo”.


Take off your shoes and wear our washable slippers.
Have some tea and relax.

Have some tea and relax

Before we guide you to your room, we measure your height to provide you with the most fit Yukata clothes.


For women who want more colors on their Yukata, we have colorful Yukata clothes available for ¥525.
Wearing Yukata clothes is another fun part of your trip.
We have a very high reputation among women.

Yukata for Woman

Enjoy an amazing view of our main building from the window in your room and relax (eg. from our 10-mat Japanese Style Room popular among our repeat customers).

from our 10-mat Japanese Style Room popular among our repeat customers

Get changed and it’s time to bathe.

Here at Ichijo, we have two spring sources.

Our 600-year old medicated bath, “Yakuyu”, has been loved by many for its amazing efficacies that heal your body and soul.

The other spring pours out from a cave.
We have an indoor bath and an open-air bath for both men and women. This hot spring is often referred to as “Beautiful Skin Onsen”, because it makes your skin silky and shiny.
Both spring sources pour out on their own, which is very rare.

Medicated bath
Hot Spring


Have a relaxing time at our aesthetic salon.

Our oil massage is very popular for using organic jojoba oil.
Please have a relaxing time having a massage done by our estheticians whose hands are often referred to as “god’s hands”.
Along with the efficacies of our Onsen, your exhausted body will be fully healed.
Available for men as well.
We recommend you to make an early reservation.

Have a relaxing time at our aesthetic salon.


Dinner “Cuisine of the Woods”

Our staff will come to your room at the designated time, and escort you to our private restaurant.
Walk across the bridge of time, and take a trip back into the Taisho period.
That’s when the “Cuisine of the Woods” begins.
You can of course enjoy delicious dishes cooked by Mr. Sato, but you can also have excellent Japanese sake and wine.
Please choose your favorite drink from our selection.

Cuisine of the Woods


Enjoy our special cocktails and selection of whisky

Lobby Lounge Tsujiri is a bar located in our hotel.
Please enjoy your time talking with our master bartender who has worked at a hotel in Tokyo and earned so much experience.

He is very knowledgeable about liquors and also a very friendly bartender.







The best thing about staying at Yunushi Ichijo is that you can oversleep and it does not matter.
For breakfast, our staff will come to your room to escort you to the restaurant.
Checkout time is 11AM, so you can go back to your room, relax, go for a walk, or even go bathe again.




We want our customers to be happy when they leave our hotel.
If you have any question about sightseeing in Miyagi, please don’t hesitate to ask us!

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