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“Old is Beautiful”.

What we have been trying to preserve is “HATAGO”.
“HATAGO” is a title given to Japanese style hotels with over 500 years of history.
You can feel like you are taking a trip back in time in the woods while feeling the sound of time and the footsteps of people who have come here in the past.

That is what our hotel is; a hotel where people can forget their busy daily lives and spend time with their important ones.
HATAGO is how Onsen inns are originally supposed to be.
That is what I think Onsen inns should be.

I suppose that is how you can summarize us as a hotel.


Welcome to the woods of Ichijo.
Here at Yunushi Ichijo, each customers is a protagonist of their own movie.

Through the tasteful hot spring village and up the narrow slope, you will see the “Woods of Ichijo”.
You can feel the woods even inside the building.
Take a walk in our annex, and you will find an open-air bath surrounded by nature and a medicated bath that has been pouring out on its own ever since it was founded. Wild flowers on the way will heal you, and you can relax in a comfortable room.

Our cuisines take you on a time travel back to the Taisho Period.
At our restaurant with private rooms, we serve delicious “cuisine of the woods”.
Many of our customers come to Ichijo to experience our main building.
Our main building is a four-story wooden building that was built in between the Taisho Period and the early Showa Period.
Many travelers have visited our hotel and healed their body and soul in the past.

This rare wooden building was built with wood materials from the woods surrounding Ichijo and not a single nail by professional shrine carpenters.

When you step inside the woods of Ichijo, you will be touched by the locals’ pure hospitality that represents the Tohoku region back in the Taisho Period, encounter a number of amazing moments, and feel like you have just watched a movie when you leave.

We polish what we have always had, and take in new concepts of the world today.
As a result of that, Ichijo has been receiving a very high reputation on websites, such as Jaran and JTB.

Private Restaurant Shouan
professional shrine carpenters
Private Restaurant Shouan

"Old is Beautiful.”
This is something that we get a lot from our customers, and it reminds us of how important it is to preserve something for a very long time.
I am determined to preserve this 500-year-old HATAGO regardless of the world outside of Ichijo.

20th Owner Ippei Ichijo

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