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Two spring sources

Another reason why Yunushi Ichijo is considered one of the best Onsen hotels in Miyagi is its hot springs.

We have two spring sources.
One of them is called “medicated bath” and has a soft, tender feel to it.

The other one is called “Doukutsu-no-Yu”, and has an efficacy that makes your skin soft.

At Yunushi Ichijo, we have three different types of baths.


Large Bath with an Open-air Bath

For our large bath, we draw the hot spring from a spring source in a cave nearby.
The view from the bath changes in every season; fresh greens, autumn leaves, and snow.
At night, you can enjoy the view of the surroundings getting lit up. The sight of red maple leaves getting lit up in autumn is simply amazing.
Just below the maple trees is a small river, and you can spot a wild Japanese serow if you are lucky.
A little inward the maple trees, there are some Japanese horse chestnut trees, which are designated as an important cultural property of Shiroishi City.

The cave is called “Iwakuari-no-Doukutsu”, and it was apparently dug by a unknown man who wanted a job 90 years ago.
We found a spring source here, so we made an open-air bath right in front of it.
Because it makes your skin soft, it is often referred to as an “Onsen of beautiful skin”.
It will wrap up your skin, polish it, and warm your whole body up.

Large Bath with an Open-air Bath (For ladies)
Large Bath with an Open-air Bath
(For ladies)
Open-air Bath (For ladies)
Open-air Bath
(For ladies)
Large Bath with an Open-air Bath (For gentlemen)
Large Bath with an Open-air Bath
(For gentlemen)
Open-air Bath (For gentlemen)
Open-air Bath (For gentlemen)

Medicated Bath

We have what has always been called Kamasaki’s Yakuto (medicated bath) for both men and women.
Ever since it was founded in 1429, our medicated bath has been healing a countless number of people for approximately 600 years.
They say “Kamasaki heals injuries”, and our medicated bath has been well known for healing injuries, burns and improving skin condition.

The medicated bath of Ichijo has always been known as the “medicated bath of Ou” for 600 years and loved for its efficacies for burns, postoperative care, chronic women’s diseases and arthritis. It pours out of the aboriginal spring head of Kamasaki.
It is called a medicated bath as it heals injuries.
It is a “chloride sulfate sodium spring”, and brown hot spring mineral deposits appear as it touches the air. It warms up your body from the inside.
If you see hot spring mineral deposits floating or the colors of the bath tiles changing, it is because of this.
We used to sell these hot spring mineral deposits until the early Showa Period.

Medicated Bath for Ladies
Medicated Bath for Ladies
Medicated Bath for Gentlemen
Medicated Bath for Gentlemen

Family Bath

We have a family bath (charged) available.

Our family bath was first made for disabled customers who need someone’s help to bathe.
Even today, our family bath is available throughout the day. Customers can access the bath with a special key anytime they want during their stay. Limited to two parties a day.
Recently, we put priority on providing this service to pregnant customers.

Spring Source Name Kamasaki-no-Yu
Spring Quality Sodium-Chloride Sulfate fountain
Former Name Glauber's Glass-Salt fountain
Perception Transparent / No Taste / No Smell / Neutral
Efficacies Nervous pain, muscle pain, joint pain, sour shoulders, poor physical condition, hemorrhoids, poor skin condition, etc…
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