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Privacy Policy

Ichijo Ryokan (hereafter referred to as “Our hotel”), protects privacy information and manages it strictly following the designated laws.

Acquirement of Personal Information

Our hotel acquires your personal information via phone call, website, tie-up websites, surveys, and inquiries.

Usage of Personal Information

We acquire and use your personal information only for certain purposes within the boundary set below.

  • For inquiries and contacting customers
  • For checking customers’ reservations and contacting them on behalf of them
  • For collecting feedbacks and surveys
  • For any other occasion where we need to contact our customers

Management of Personal Information to Third Parties

Our hotel does not provide any of our customers’ personal information to any third party unless:

  • We receive a legal request for the disclosure of information
  • You agree to provide beforehand
  • There is a certain situation (e.g disaster, accident, sudden sickness) where we need to disclose personal

privacy-a">Disclosure / Inquiry / Correction of Personal Information

Whenever we receive a request to either disclose, inquire, correct personal information, we agree to make any necessary changes after checking your identity.

For more information on personal information handling, please contact us.

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